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Can I rent an apartment without a personal guarantor?


When renting an apartment in Tokyo, the new tenant is required to designate a personal guarantor who must be a resident in Japan. But instead, you can use a guarantor company by paying guarantor fee. These companies usually charge a one-off fee of 50%~100% of the month’s rent and renewing guarantor contracts fee of 10,000yen per a year.


What is examination of a tenant?


The examination is based on the application form which you submit. The examination result is assessed by judgments in a comprehensive way whether there is capacity to pay rent or not, the purpose of your visit, place of employment, job description.


Is it possible to rent an apartment if I do not speak Japanese?


That differs depending on the landlords. There are still some landlords hesitate to rent an apartment to the parson who does not speak Japanese.
But we negotiated with the landlords in your entering so that using our agent service you can communicate with the landlord through our bilingual staffs in case of contract and troubles.


What kind of expense is necessary other than rent?


That differs depending on the property and condition.
Generally you need to pay those expense once a month.
・Management fee or administrative expenses.
・A charge for Internet service.
・A charge for Electricity, Gas, Water.
・A parking fee.
We can support you in making an application for Internet service, Electricity, Gas, and Water.


Is there furniture in the apartment?


Most of the apartment is bare of furniture. In some cases, air-conditioner and lighting equipment are installed in the room.
If you want the apartment installed with some furniture and electric appliances, you would select Serviced Apartment and Furnished Apartment from type of rent in our database.


Is it possible to apply for reservation before you view the apartment?


Although you can apply, but we suggest that you view the room before you sign the tenancy agreement, since a penalty fee is required to cancel it. If you do not have enough time, we would suggest that you make search for a room staying at our Serviced apartment or hotel in Tokyo.


Would you provide information about the apartments which do not be listed on the website?


Our database have all vacant housing information of central of Tokyo area. If you do not find apartment that you desired, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Since there are many properties that are not already posted on the website.


So I have found a few apartments that I wanted in the website. What should I do?


You should visit and view the rooms with us.
Please contact us by email or phone and tell us the desired previewing date and time.
Furthermore, if you want to look the other rooms meeting your requirements, you would inform your monthly rent, size and layout of room that you wanted.


What kind of documents do I need to provide you at the application?


You need to provide us with your current address, date of birth, company, visa, annual income and so on.
The following is the list of documents required for your application.
Personal contract
・identification( a copy of the visa, passport and alien registration card)
・certificate of income (certificate of the foreign national’s annual income and amount of tax paid, employment agreement)
Company contract
・Certified of registered matters of the company
・Company brochure
・Statement related documents
・Identification of a tenant


When I apply for a room, do I need to pay some money?


After going through examination of a tenancy, you are required to pay the contract cost in to designed bank account when signing the tenancy agreement.


What kind of expenses should I pay, when I sing the tenancy agreement?


That differs depending on the property and condition of agreement.
Security deposit (shiki-kin)
In general, almost equivalent to one to two month’s rent.
Key money (rei-kin)
In general, almost equivalent to one to two month’s rent. But recently
there are many apartments that do not require payment of Key money.
Agency fee
In general, almost equivalent to one month’s rent.
Guarantor fee
In general, almost equivalent to 50% to one month’s rent.
Damage insurance
In general, almost equivalent to 15,000~30,000yen.
Key exchange expense
In general, almost equivalent to 15,000~30,000yen.
Room cleaning expense
That differs depending on the size of room.


Is the tenancy agreement written in English?


The tenancy agreement is only written in Japanese.


Can I terminate the current tenancy agreement before it expires?


If you want to move out before the current tenancy agreement expires, you will provide advance notice to the management company or the owner. Notices in document form are required from one to two months in advance depending on the tenancy agreement. You will be required to pay the rent if a notice is not submitted on time.


Can I renew the current tenancy agreement?


If you wish to continue to live in the apartment, you need to proceed with renewing tenancy.
We will send you document for renewing tenancy agreement about one or two months before the current tenancy agreement expires.


How can I apply for using Electricity, gas and water?


We can also support you for setting up Internet service, Electricity, Gas, and Water before you move in.


Can I get to live in the apartment with other friends who have not been designated by the contract?


You cannot live with other friends whom you have declared when singing the tenancy agreement. You are required permission from the owner. So you must consultant the management company about new lodger in advance.


Can I sublease the apartment?


The tenancy agreement restrict sublease of the apartment. First of all you should consultant landlord about sublease in advance.


Can I keep pets in my apartment?


You require approval to keep pets from the landlord in advance. Many property have restriction on the number, size and kinds of dogs or cats. And quite frequently, these require additional deposits for keeping pet in the apartment. If you have pets or intend to have ones, please confirm the detail of tenancy agreement condition.

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