Flow of Contact

1[About time of the moving]

When is the plan of your moving?

■Immediately or within several weeks
I recommend the use of the service apartment.
Generally, in Japan, it takes around one month for searching for apartment and moving to entering oversea. We would suggest you to make search for a room after you stay at service apartment or hotel in Tokyo.

■One or several month later
You can choose and decide to rent all type of apartments including luxury rental apartments more than 2000 in our database.
Please image the area where you would like to live in and the layout type of room, the apartment size and start looking using the Internet, newspapers, and magazines.
It is a good idea to consider the priorities of budget, size, and the area etc.


2[Property Search]

Please fill in the boxes on the right with your preference and let our search engine find you an apartment from our database.
Our databases have all vacant housing information in central Tokyo area.
If you don’t find property you prefer, you try it in various ways to change the size of room, the area, or to increase the budget.
Furthermore, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone to “DUPLEX” because we have many other properties which are not already posted on the HP.


3[Inquiry and Visit (check out the properties)]

Let’s view rooms after choosing a few apartments in which you are interested.
Please tell us the desired previewing date and time.
We make an appointment with the owner after we confirmed weather these apartments are available. But because of the busy market, certain properties may not be available for viewing at specific time, so you may require a bit of flexibility.
Our bilingual staff will show you rooms, and provide information about the environments (distance to station, supermarket, and other facilities).



When you have chosen one apartment in which you wish to live, you have to be fast of turning in the application for reservation to the landlord before other people turn it in.
When once you turn in it, the apartment is closed for viewing to other people.
In addition, you could still reserve it after the application around one or two weeks.


5[Examination of a tenant]

You need to provide us with your current address, date of birth, company, visa, annual income, and so on, when filling out an application form with specified format to rent an apartment.
The following is the list of documents required for your application.

■Personal contract

  • Identification (A copy of the visa, passport, and alien registration card)
  • Certificate of income(Certificate of the foreign national’s annual income and amount of tax paid, employment agreement)

■Company contract

  • Certificate of registered matters of the company
  • Company brochure
  • Settlement Related Documents
  • Identification of a tenant (A copy of the visa, passport, and alien registration cord)


6[Signing the tenancy agreement]

We send you the tenancy agreement, the important matters pertaining to the agreement and the invoice via FAX or e-mail.
Please transfer the contract amount into the designated bank account at contract signing.
Our stuff explains the tenancy agreement. If you have any question about the details of that, please ask question on the spot.
Please put signature and seal in the signature section and receive the key of the apartment.


7[Moving in]

Our stuff will inspect damage of properties and explain how appliances work at your new room with you.
We can also help you setting up Electricity, Gas, Water, and Internet before you move.


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